model : QMS-QBD4

Virtual Call Queuing System app v7

The QMS-QBT-App is an alternative to the sub-module (customer call unit QMS-QBT-M1) that the employee or service provider uses to call the customer or transfer it to another employee using easy codes by simply pressing them

Virtual Call Queuing System app v7


  • QMS-QBT-App default paging program
  • A default program that is installed on your Android phone or computer
  • Call the next customer
  • Callback
  • Transferring the customer to another service
  • Calling a previous or future client
  • The ability to choose a service to work on from among the services it is registered with
  • The ability to print a new ticket for the customer through the program
  • Possibility to print up to 10 tickets from the same ticket
  • Filter for available services
  • Filter tickets available today
  • good price
  • Works with QBest server software
    Greater / Huge
    First /Solo
Virtual Call Queuing System app v7


Just a web app





app that works on computers or mobile phones

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